“My Day” : When the girl finally flew away!

You’re our princess. We can’t let you go out alone.

You’re a girl. Your security, our security.

You’re a grown-up girl. You should understand.

Well, how my parents varied the sugar in their statements when they trapped me, (supposedly and yes, I perfectly agree with my own good) was evident to me all the time.

I happened to be making them happy, almost reassuring them that yeah parenting humans! I am fooled. E.V.E.R.Y time.

I understood but didn’t want to. I stayed indoors but never felt indoors.

I was always waiting to grow up enough so they allow me to just get out there!

Now. I am 22. Graduated. Placed. Still afraid to ask for a movie date with friends. What if I get kidnapped there? -_-

Five months homestay right after college and all I have done is secretly talk to lost friends on whatsapp.. who now firmly believe that I have migrated to a different planet.

Finally, my long awaited, much-awaited joining came. I leave home for a new journey. (Side note: I promised to start in touch with my dear blog but fail.)

3-4-5 November. These dates have haunted me for the last 5 months. It was my Hillfair, our college fest(no longer mine exactly). My dreamy dance club’s show. My team which will perform again, though without me, but would reflect a part of me in each of their efforts, can’t possibly be doing this without me watching and gazing in awe.

Would my parents allow me?

Of course, they won’t.

But will they ever figure out why this is so important to me? No. Because this universe in a conspiracy with time has made them tough and resilient towards little affections. At least as little as four years. Only if they knew that even they were incapable of letting there hearts’ desires burn themselves at my age. No matter how useless they might be considering future.

I call them. I say “Mummy, I am going to college tomorrow. ”

Mummy says “Go. Just ask your Papa.” She knew Papa would say clear cut NO.

I decide not to ask but just tell. Actually just text. My Dad decided not to talk. LOL

I flew to dance again.




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