You sure what really IS a Drug?

Disclaimer: I am not a drug addict. Truely, sincerely, happily and forever. Neither did I party last night, before writing this up. 😀


People usually wonder why drugs are becoming so popular? Why on earth does anyone want to see the world in its hallucinated, inexistent form?

“Anyway the reality won’t change.
Anyway we’ll be stuck with the same old, too old fuck ups all over the place.
Anyway the world will remain a not-so-Disney kindaf thing to deal with. All.The.Time.

This morning, when my Mom woke me up, curled my fingers around that refreshing cup of tea, God knows why, but a thought…

Slurp . . What if everything we see is an illusion; Maya.

Slurp . . What if we’ve never even experienced the reality. Ok, here’s it – Maybe God created this super cool world but when he released us all in, the sadist in Him saw that we were nothing more than a useless bunch of forever happy creatures. Just happy. All.The.Time.


What if the world is intoxicated every single where by this substance and has all of us under its undying eternal control, the drug known as Oxygen.

Last Slurp.

Yeah. That is interesting indeed. Who knows if it is only invisible to your mind but a thousand million pixies are flying right in front of you. Magical right? Or maybe real right?

So maybe “drug addicts” get to see the REAL real world. Hackers of a Godly program. ❤


This post too, happened on a similar cheerful mommylicious morning- Before Earth Happened to me?


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