My all new Brand! Just by fluke!

Howdy WordPress folks!

I am very proud to show my blogobox’s new logo to all of you! I have been drawing it in my mind, plotting what it should be, how it should be, what colors to use and WHY for quite a long time now. You don’t realize usually that there could be so much to ponder upon a petty logo when you look at one. But, people, the logo in its preformat looks like:

1. Should I give any importance to that conjunction "OR" in Today or Never
2. If I do should it be the same color?
3. Single color? Multicolor?
4. Use acronym? Do not use acronym?
5. Plain background or some flamboyant coloured one? Umm maybe a picture? ūüė•
6. Let's reflect the feel of either it's Today or it's Never too, with the colors I choose!
7. Fuck my mind! Not today. It's not happening today as well...Photoshop close..laptop close. Thud. Hey Ashu! Lets play catch'em catch! (Ashu is my 12 yo naughty brother)

My Mom says that our mind keeps working in a specific direction even when we are not thinking about it with a great focus.

Today was a great day. My otherwise always busy Mom took her children on a Pizza date today, had me buy some Kurtis(Indian ethnic wear) for myself. She did her bank work for an hour. We kept sitting with long faces and got bored at The Central Bank of India.¬†After that she drove at a thrilling speed to make up for everything and took us to a Dandia dance Festival¬†where we danced less and ate more! ūüėÄ Anyways, it was fun spending so much time together after loooong.

We returned home at 9 pm today. I opened my laptop, opened photoshop AGAIN. Let’s see what my brain cooked over the whole day without me realizing and . .¬†¬†Tadaaa!! Things kept happening; I guess I mixed and matched almost every idea that had popped over in the last two weeks. The execution was at an amusing fast pace. Mom was right. Our magical¬†brain knows that it has more work than “just” stuff Golgappas into the mouth¬†at a town festival.

Ultimate happiness is when you see your logo shine brilliantly, hugging the site title in the new tab up there in your browser.

So here it¬†is..¬†(I’m sure none of you will judge my Photoshop skills, because I’m only an amateur; both at photoshop and logo making)

Today Or Never

Yeyy! Cheers to all those who think they’ll never make it through a repetitive failure cycle of something but still try everyday. Every – To – day. Just thinking this: Darling¬†Today Or Never¬†‚ô•


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