What about my blog once I’m busy?

Good”the time zone you live in’s time of the day”.
Dear hard working bloggers,

Suddenly in the morning today, a catastrophic idea occurred to me.

I was in college when I started TodayorNever two years ago. Back then I only thought that it’s a personal space for my anxiety time. When I felt low and tensed, I would drop in casually and write my heart out.

After two years, I had around 7-8 posts, which were seen by one visitor: Me.

May 2017

I graduated with a job offer in an IT company which, I am very proud to brag about. They did not intimate us about the joining date. So in the tremendous amount of free time, I decided to work a little bit everyday on my writing, blogging, english grammar, vocabulary, yada yada.

4 months later…

I fell in love with WordPress and of course my own tiny space TodayorNever. I love the idea of being able to find people with similar or completely different thoughts so conveniently and in return share my own across the planet. I admire mother Earth and for the first time ever, this is the closest I’ve got to my dream of traveling around in the wilderness. The best part – I completely adore my title, header photo, tagline, widgets, pages I have spent many hours into now. Ok, I can write the whole evening, but you get the point..

But I have seen my writer friends, also, fellow bloggers go down on their posting frequency or even lose focus on their blog once they get busy in their helpless situations – JOB – unless their occupation itself is blogging.

Anyhow many of you are managing it just right, in spite of other liabilities. I seek that inspiration now so that I never EVER get detached from my beautiful world of blogging and stay in contact with all of you while growing my community here.. like forever! I never want this spark(which I didn’t know existed) to die in me.

SO. I want you all to get in touch with me freely and tell me –

1. When is it that you find time to maintain your blog, read other bloggers, post your own? – All this without feeling that you are being forced into it.

2. Have you got a schedule so you never put this passion aside? Does it work for you?

3. Is there a specific environment or place you need to read and write? (Like I write best in solitude, airy atmosphere and no time limitation). When devoid of it do you leave the idea of publishing a post OR do you make it a point to blog whatsoever?

I am going to wait for your responses and store them under a separate label in my Gmail so that whenever I need an impetus to keep TodayorNever alive, I know where to head!


You : “I need your contact page link here too, cuz your post ended here! :|”
Me : Here dear. 🙂



8 Replies to “What about my blog once I’m busy?”

  1. WordPress is why I wake up 30 minutes before I have to. I post about my day and catch up on reading. I enjoy reading and posting comments when I can! I also read again in the evening if I have time. I’m probably on here WAY too much but I enjoy it!

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  2. As always…thanks for bring us into your world. I feel like you are talking when you write, as it is so smooth. I loved this post because I think we have all felt/ feel the same way at one point or another.

    I do set one day aside where sole communication for those I love to be connected to is more deliberate. I think that is as fun as blogging, and it does work for me. I still communicate throughout the week, but when it’s deliberate THAT is my focus. Plus I am someone who likes routine.

    My favorite place is my office space in my home. It’s by a large window at the front of the house. That said. I ALWAYS carry a little notepad with me. Ideas come to me in the oddest places, so I can write this down and rest with it, until I get back to my computer. THAT has been the best decision for me, and I don’t leave the house until I see the daily prompt. I write the word on top of a page. For an IT person, not sure if paper and pen would work, but does for me. Great post. Always a pleasure and that’s for always popping in.

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