A lonely, lovely island

While a fresher in college, I lived on this lonely island which everyone knew was a dull and a non-happening place, at least for a college student. Such people only had their judgemental eyes, when an inhabitant of the island lurked around.

Sick, one day, I decided I would experience what it is to live on the well-inhabited land. I departed – I let myself have some alcohol. Slowly, I found myself finding my new home a not-so-bad place to settle in. The idea slipped slowly from the #taboo space in my brain to the #grown-ups one.

What a shortcut to forget all that’s around and with utter selfishness enjoy crazy stuff happening within your brain. Nothing – meaning no person, thing or event bothers you for some moments and you play along till?

The next morning when you anyway have to deal with the things you forgot about; just ask yourself one question. Was there a use? Nothing in the present. The fun is all past, except for the thing that’s sitting merrily in your liver.


Suddenly one day, when I get up and watch the blissful morning sun, smell the air of marigolds, listen to the silent chirping of a koel with a smile; It’s so much more liberating when you know you can have fun on the planet without even tricking your brain up! Some Power has already filled so much temptation, so much alcohol everywhere and there’s so much more out there for us to see, feel and relax with; things worth remembering clearly.

I would love to be just the old me some day. I would love to go back to my little, lovely island, even if it is lonely and deserted.

Thanks for this concept Fmumble. Even a few resonating thoughts of people provide great deal of relaxation for the day, though the complexity of the situations around seems and will remain the same. 🙂

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