The Player

Recently, I subscribed to Daily Prompts and wanted to get myself working at it with utter dedication. Found myself doing nothing for the first four of ’em! Argh!

Of course, I didn’t listen to Michelle Weber when she told me to not dismiss the prompts! Damn, she predicts so well. Fortunately, soon enough I have realized that I should start and it should be tonight. BUT again, the black screen, the daunting black screen. Even after the prompts.



So now, here comes The Player. My not-so-forever friend (yet the one who can be called that; only because he has an intellectual side very similar to mine) drops a greeting WhatsApp message, just in time.

My mind has a clever plan. If prompts couldn’t make me write willingly, then may be prompts for prompts could? Or may be not? I leave the second question on hold and ping a straight “Let us play a game!” to my lovely friend.

“Now?”, as if it hasn’t already started.

“I will text you a word, and you need to spit out the next thing that you imagine”.


Wondering, which ability of his, he wants to prove when he says this, that too, to a mean person who is here with a very different impetus, I kick start.

Dignify“, unsure if this would work, tiddie!

“Myself”. Ah, proud little brat. Hang on. That’s the idea. The impromptu prompt! Cheerful, I proceed.

“Next. Homage“, praying, God please help him this time too…tiddie!

“Bondage”. Oh damn, those freakishly annoying days of a girls’ hostel with a gate closing time: 8:00 pm dot. But wait, why did he say…tiddie!


“Yeah. Magnetic“. Hoping he doesn’t say Ria, his girlfriend..tiddie!

“Repulsive”.LOL, I should probably build a better understanding of him. Kudos! I can fill in pages writing about this antonym duo, especially with Magnetic-Ria-Repulsive. Just one of them seems unworthy for any brainstorming. You see even the sequence of thoughts can be a good blog idea generator.

“Well, next. Community pool”(That was the subject line for the next Gmail, I mistook to be a prompt-word). Now this one can be a spoiler. Let’s see. TIDDIE.

“Hot milfs!”

My God. I am definitely not stopping this game ever now. Fine. I’ll not change my own terms. I’ll write about a weekend spent at a sunny, blue pool with flamboyant bikinis roaming all around, of course, children calling out to their hot mammas is going to be an important part. Can the title be WordPress Community Pool drastically upgraded?. 😉

Anyway, here is the last one for today, well that’s what my Gmail told me. “Rhyme“.

“Rhythm”. The game ends in peace. His rhythm resonating perfectly with my intentions. So, why not write about him first and how he brought to life all this one-word prompt business. Yes. Perfect!

My friend played the game well, so much, that we played it for the next one hour taking turns. Using some self-generated prompts for unveiling each other’s embarrassing secrets while the others for an occasional flirting.

You will find me writing on the proudly discovered topics, umm.. soonish, but as for now, I can please my blog room with this – all in one – prompt utilizer blog! Those of you who read my venture with The Player in search for some inspiration can also find an exciting way to use the prompts, which is capable of giving you that extra fun while always yeah – help you maintain a focus on your blog.

Go take a walk outside. Shoot the prompt to your little sibling or may be your mom. Everyone’s life is so different. They might give you a chunk of their imaginative power, an idea which you never could have figured out yourself – Ever. Remember Hot Milfs? 😀

Thanks for reading!


6 Replies to “The Player”

    1. 🙂 Thanks Windkisses. Could you tell me if I have used the prompt words correctly, as this is not visible on the prompts page. Also, I linked your post “STOP” in mine. Did you get a notification? I’m not sure if I’m doing it correctly.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes. I got a notification, thank you so much. This comment made me laugh as I could have written it a few months ago. I have learned the prompts are your own interpretation. Truly that…a prompt. You are fine! Initially, I was so paranoid about getting a nasty YOU DID THIS message. I even wrote a Dear Daily Post blog post. hahaha. And then I thought I would be scolded for posting something a day late. I have learned so much from following other bloggers. You will find photo blogs, inspiring blogs, poetry, chapters of books etc… I would encourage you to look under the prompts at people’s interpretations and follow a few. I look forward to staying connected with you. Have a nice weekend. Donna.


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