Am I Sick?

Well, Doctor. I do not know if I should have been here or not, but, as you are the doctor, I am none to judge.

So, Doctor. These days all I think about is being happy. All I want to know about is happy people, happy incidents, happy moments. All I want to be reminded of when people pass me is what role they played in my life and how much they could make me smile. Do they matter or should I erase them forever from my mind?

All I want to build is close and never ending relationships with people. All I want to end is fake ones. All I do every day is find more ways to spread and collect the nectar of happiness to and from each person who existed to matter to me!

This one hell of a materialistic substance called happiness is becoming a drug, and any second it is absent, I feel deprived of all past fortunate years, falling into the labyrinth of anxiety, fear and depression.

This seems the only way out

I am unable to believe any instance of normality and I want the heavens pouring magic so the days and my nights of my loved ones and hence myself, are all filled with laughter around!


No doubt even the slightest sound of a bird chirping at 7am is sweeter than my old mistress, my sleep at the same time.

Less than 30 days for college to be over and I am sick! This should not be happening!


The Daily Post: Sympathy

Don’t worry. Soon enough in future, I recovered from nostalgia. 🙂


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