Today or Never

If you recently got an amazing idea of postponing your early morning gym to tomorrow, nothing is far from the truth that it ain’t happening ever. Happytrodder wishes to let this dangerous instinct of “tomorrow” get extinct from you and herself, by naming her first ever blog “Today Or Never”. Well, 5 in the website name was inspired from the irony that though today and never both have 5 letters, they are almost extreme turns any decision plan can take. Never simply follows, if you are not compliant to Today.

Inspired by the spirit of taking quick yet mindful actions, Today or Never, which happytrodder calls her very blogobox, is an exquisite collection of some of her best experiences as she is growing up into a successful individual. (i.e., by definition: Trodder is earning from a source which she, her parents and of course, their neighbour can be proud of; and finally, everyone can associate a title with her – than just her father’s name).

Happytrodder really thought the last parenthesized line would introduce you to her, her blogobox and the kind of things you would find there better than any first line in the world! If you were lucky enough to read on till there, happytrodder will be happier to trod her journey with you, while a heart warming friendship shall become something precious to look for. Read on to begin..